Friday, August 30, 2013

What the Book Still Needs

Hello, mommies and mommy supporters! I am proud to report that the book is coming along nicely. I have 26 stories in my inbox, with some in the accepted pile, some into the to-read pile, and some in the pending pile. However, I can accept up to 72 stories for the book, depending on the length, so I definitely need more!!!

I have received stories mostly for Chapter 1 (Stories of Decision: How Did this Happen?) than for any other chapter. I still need stories for all chapters, but I have not yet received any stories for the following chapters:
  • Chapter 3. Stories of Challenges: Difficulties Encountered in Long-Term Nursing: This chapter might include stories of divorce, illness, grief, schooling, societal expectations, and other situations that might make long-term nursing more difficult and will be limited to situational challenges and difficulties with those outside the family.
  • Chapter 4. Stories of Family: Support and Conflict with Spouses, Partners, and Other Family Members: This chapter will include stories of how mothers and children were supported or discouraged by spouses and family members in their journey.
  • Chapter 6. Special Stories: Long-Term Nursing when Mother or Child Has Medical Issues or Special Needs: As described, this chapter might include stories of older mothers nursing, nursing through illness, nursing a child with autism, and other challenging situations where the decision to continue breastfeeding might have been an advantage or a disadvantage.
  • Chapter 9: Stories of How They Have Grown: This chapter will focus on first-person stories of grown nurslings (lets say, ages 16 and up). These stories might cover the following topics: How long did you nurse? Describe what memories you have of nursing and what kind of feelings you have toward that time in your life. In general, what positive or negative affects has nursing had on you as you’ve grown older? How do you feel the nursing relationship affected the relationship you have with your mother (or both parents)? Has nursing affected the way you interact or your relationship with other children and/or adults? Please describe. Do you feel nursing for as long as you did made it harder or easier for you to be independent and self-sufficient? Or did it have no affect? Please provide any stories or comments that you would like to share regarding nursing and how it has affected you as a person. 
Please keep in mind that just a few sentences or a well-stated viewpoint can change your story from Chapter 8 (weaning) to Chapter 6 (medical issues or special needs), for example. A weaning story might fit more poignantly into Chapter 6 if it is written about how nursing really helped a child with autism cope and how his or her weaning represented a step toward independence. Again, this is just an example.

I still need stories for ALL of the chapters as well as photos, artwork, humorous tidbits, and your or your child's favorite nickname for mama's milk.

Please spread the word and let mothers and former nurslings know that they can contribute to this important book.

Thanks so much!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Seeking Art, Milky Names, and Humorous Stories

  1. Art: For the book, I am also seeking breastfeeding photographs and art. They can go with a story or be separate. So, you can submit a photograph without having submitted a story. Like the stories, you will be required to sign a permission form for me to use these in the book, so only submit items that are yours.
  2. Milky Names: I will also be including a list of names that mothers and children use for mother's milk. I started this long ago and would be happy to add to it.
  3. Humorous Stories: Another mother suggested a chapter of humorous anecdotes. Depending on what I receive, I may be able to fit this in, so please send them in--they can be as long or short as you like.

Please send all submissions to directly to me at The due date is October 15, 2013 for all items. Thank you!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Last Story Extension

I've extended the deadline for stories to October 15. This will be the last extension because the book in its entirety will be due to the publisher early next year, and I need time to go through and organize and edit the stories.

I will be going through already submitted stories soon to see which ones fit well with the book. If you've already submitted a story, you should probably hear from me before October 15. However, if you haven't yet submitted, the sooner the better!

On another note, I am contacting breastfeeding bloggers and perhaps a celebrity or two that fit into our category of nursing past the third birthday to help round out the stories in the book and, yes, draw attention to it. I'm very excited about this possibility, but mostly I want the book to be a collection of stories by everyday moms that can be useful to all mothers who find themselves nursing an older toddler or beyond. If you know of anyone else that might want to contribute to our humble little book, please spread the word!

Thank you so much.