Friday, May 10, 2013

Another Chapter: How They Have Grown

I've decided to add another chapter to the outline of the book (I will append this to the Call for Stories post, too). It was in my original plan, and a friend recently reminded me of it. Please share this far and wide so that we can get some representation.

  • Chapter 9: Stories of How They Have Grown: This chapter will focus on first-person stories of grown nurslings (lets say, ages 16 and up). These stories might cover the following topics: How long did you nurse? Describe what memories you have of nursing and what kind of feelings you have toward that time in your life. In general, what positive or negative affects has nursing had on you as you’ve grown older? How do you feel the nursing relationship affected the relationship you have with your mother (or both parents)? Has nursing affected the way you interact or your relationship with other children and/or adults? Please describe. Do you feel nursing for as long as you did made it harder or easier for you to be independent and self-sufficient? Or did it have no affect? Please provide any stories or comments that you would like to share regarding nursing and how it has affected you as a person.
I also want to remind everyone that the stories are due June 15! Please send them in as soon as you can.

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